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Runescape 2 or RS2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was developed by Jagex, a United Kingdom company, in 2001. RS has both free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-pay (P2P) accounts. With over a million P2P accounts and over 9 millions F2P accounts, RS is considered to be one of the most popular online games in the world. In December 2003 Runescape was also named as one of the fastest growing MMORP game.

RS takes place in the world of Gielinor which is divided into unclaimed regions, numerous islands and kingdoms called Kingdom of Asgarnia Kingdom of Kandarin, Kingdom of Misthalin, Al Kharid and the Kharidian Desert, Morytania, Southern and Northern seas, and the Wilderness. Each kingdom has different Runescape quests, monsters, and loot. RS2 characters can travel through these areas by running, walking, teleporting, or with NPC operated vehicles.

In Runescape there is no designated path that players must follow. Instead players set their own goals and deicide for themselves what activities to engage in. They can wander around and partake in RS quests, challenge other players and monsters in combat, and increase skills by performing skill related tasks. Some trainable skills are Runescape fishing, mining, crafting, runecrafting, construction, hunting, and thieving. Players can also chat with and interact with other gamers from all over the world through trading and playing mini-gamers.

By completing Runescape quests, players can receive rewards such as quest points, coins, items, new spell books for magic skills, an increase in skill experience, and gain access to a new region. Quests are divided into four different groups depending on the level of difficulty and requirements: novice quests for beginner players, intermediate quests to add some challenge to the game, and more difficult experienced and master quests for experienced players

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